i am a lot of things. being me is just the beginning. Finding out who that is, is the journey.
  • People come, and people go


    People come, people go 

    Years pass and no words are said.

    It comes around in a loop.

    Memories flooding through.

    What did they mean? why did they stick?

    Why remember that one 30 second interaction?

    Why remember a feeling you felt almost a decade ago?

    What reason?

    Coming back into my life, flooding my head with memories that only leave me pondering.

    Some people come, some people go

    Some people come and stay

    Some people go and never come back

    Some people come and go and come back with more meaning in your life then ever before.

    What purpose, what reason. Why so many times?

    A short time known, a distance too far.

    So many things that make me who I am today…..though when I think of their origin……were influenced by you……just a handful of times. A few conversations. I was never yours I’ll admit..It crossed my mind, what if?

    come and go

    come and go

    come and go

    memories made and forgotten

    back on this round about.

    always leaving with what if?

  • furrylittlepeach:

    A special #FoxyFriday to make up for my lack of, the past few weeks!

    Thank you to @hungrycupcake for sending me this snap of her arm and a huge thank you to @piercinglady for doing such a wonderful job in honouring the original - honestly one of the best recreations of my work onto skin I’ve seen so far!

    I’m often asked how I feel about people getting my work tattooed, and honestly it’s one of the biggest compliments I could ask for! Something I’ve created - a part of myself - on somebody’s skin forever. It’s an incredibly humbling experience when I’m emailed photos like this, just seeing that something that means so much to me, also means enough to someone else to get inked onto their skin indefinitely..

    thats me!!!!

  • Behind these eyes
    Behind these lips
    Behind every breath
    Within these hands
    You hold me
    You hold my heart
    You hold the gaze
    Your eyes penetrate the depths of my soul.
    You calm the beast that is within this chest.
    I can honestly say I am happy.
    Test me
    Compete me
    Be my champion
    Behind these eyes
    Behind these lips
    Behind every breath
    Your name crosses my exhale.
    Penetrate this soul
    Penetrate this beast

  • husssel:



    Turn Down for What?! 

    Have you witnessed this glory, if not you are not living your life to the fullest. 

    this is like the best video of 2014

    Oh my lanta

    (via memewhore)

  • Stepping up my #homemade #pasta #game